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Launch into a new frontier

$2,000 grant

If you’re under 25 and $2,000 or less can meaningfully change your life, we want to hear from you.

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how it works

Your Launch plan


Apply if you’re under 25, and up to $2000 would help fuel your passion, your idea, or yourself.

fuel up

We grant you cash. This is your fuel. It’s yours to spend on personal growth.

take off

Use it to learn new skills, research, build things, make art, do science, push boundaries, and improve yourself.

Your grantors

mission control


Justin Mares made his first Inflection Grant in 2015. The recipient, alongside Justin, then went on to start Kettle & Fire. Justin is also the founder of Perfect Keto, Surely, Upside Lending, and is a Venture Partner at Long Journey Ventures.


Cyan Banister is a General Partner at Long Journey Ventures, a VC fund in San Francisco. She has invested in everything from rocket ships to sandwich delivery. She spends a lot of time dreaming about what the future could look like and likes to invest in people who do the same.

why we started

our first explorer

in early 2015

Justin gave his first recipient an inflection grant so he could learn to code, and it changed the trajectory of his life.

With one laptop and $50 of Udemy courses, he started learning and teaching himself to code. In just a few months of work, he built an app and got a code mentor to develop his skills further.

He was engaged and excited about learning and building more apps, and we bet he learned more than anyone else in his school.

That excitement and growth is infectious. We want to help more young explorers change their trajectory. This is why we started the Inflection Grant Program.